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Privacy Statement is a non-commercial, educational site intended purely for the enjoyment and use of anyone with an interest in economics. does not put any cookies on your PC, and it collects no personal data about its users.

     The only web site usage data gathered is collected by the web hosting service which includes typical aggregate summary data such as the number of hits, number of sessions, sessions by browser type, sessions by web location, pages visited most/least frequently, etc. This information is used to document overall usage of the site and to allow us to make the site more useful in the future. is simply designed as a portal to the best economic information on the web and, as such, there is no proprietary information on the site. In addition, users are neither asked nor required to register, and so have complete anonymity when using this site.

     We hope that this policy will encourage usage and endear the confidence and support of the user. Enjoy, and visit us often!
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